Thursday, September 26, 2013

Non-ideal, non-Platonic, ideas and bodies

I roll over in bed
And my arm touches
My slightly pudgy, definitely non-Platonic stomach.
My mass of human flesh
Feels vaguely warm, vaguely bland
On a semi-sleepless early night of sleep.
I feel detached from my self,
Reflected by being detached from my body.

More than detachment from my body,
Or from my self, in general,
I feel detached from life.
I feel burned out by the world.

It is of little help
To read that I am not alone
In modern America,
Or in the modern West.
Misery, when the psychological level
Of a low-grade, chronic toothache,
Cares little for company one way or another.

The world of Platonic ideas
Usually as currently dressed in Christian drag
Is thereby appealing for many.
But it is the ideas
That are shadows on the walls of the cave
And not the reality.

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