Saturday, June 23, 2012

Failure is an option, and not (necessarily) an orphan

This is a poem inspired by the column in the previous blog post of mine:

Failure IS an option

I am not a failure,
And I am not the sum of my failures
But I am a person who has failed, and will fail,
Many, many times.
I am also anxious, fretful, and pessimistic –
A toxic brew.
Accepting that failures are not moral faults
Is not always easy to do;
Even harder to accept
Is that because of luck and the actions of others
Failure says little about my skills in many cases.
But self-flagellation
Is a means of trying to assert control
Rather than feeling powerless from its lack.
But that’s not reality.
The truth?
Many of my actions
Have countless outside tangential influences.
But even that is not all of reality.
Even my most important actions, most consciously decided
Have many subconscious influences
From chaotically driven, chaotically competing subselves.
Kennedy and others were all wrong here.
Failure has just as many fathers as victory,
Even if they scurry for dark corners
After the lights of the mind are turned on.

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