Wednesday, September 09, 2009

This ultimate farce - life

Inspired by a friend of mine mentioning "the ultimate farce" on an e-mail group, I got the poetic juices flowing, with those five syllables being the right length for a line of haiku. And, extended haiku is one of my favorite poetic styles, so here goes:

This ultimate farce
Indeed full of sound and fury
Signifies nothing.

A loud, vacuous
Sound and fury of breaking wind;
Cosmic flatulence.

Fart away yourselves;
Become attuned to this world —
Flaccid reality.

Others will not laugh
At your reverberation
Of the cosmic joke?

They have imprisoned
Their child selves in joylessness
And so they suffer.

If we cannot laugh
At the cosmic joke, we will
Cry ’til stone cold dead.

— September 9, 2009

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