Sunday, May 31, 2009

Dr. George Tiller killed – Hate crime? Terrorism?

And, presumably by an anti-abortion fanatic. Tiller, the Wichita, Kan., doctor known for being the only one in the state to provide late-term abortions was killed at his church Sunday; a suspect has been arrested.

Especially if that suspect was a member of a group like Operation Rescue, or worse, but to some degree even if he is a lone operator, the two rhetorical question words in this post’s header do have at least some degree of truth.

If he IS affiliated with a group like Operation Rescue, the state of Kansas had BETTER use RICO powers in the trial.

Meanwhile, at the often-lively blog of evolutionary biologist and atheist P.Z. Myers, the thread on this subject offers yet more proof that atheism, sadly, is no guarantee of either logical or critical reasoning skills.

And, the nutbarrery of claiming that any opposition to atheism must be supernatural is guaranteed not to win support.

I’m surprised a few of the commenters there (Strange Gods, for one) haven’t said it’s no surprise Tiller was shot, if he insisted on still being a Christian himself. SG and others, such as Holbach (like his namesake French baron), have such a virulent, even vicious, anti-religion stance it hugely warps their thinking. (Holbach refused to accept religiously-themed classical music as worth listening to.)

In short, as I’ve blogged before, there’s atheism, and there’s village idiot atheism.

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