Wednesday, April 22, 2009

When theists settle a will with an antitheist

When my dad died four years ago, most of his cash money had already been moved into CDs on which we his kids, or grandkids, were the primary names and his the secondary. No problems at all.

And, there wasn’t too much fighting over most of Dad’s possessions.

That said, Dad also had a couple of insurance annuities that had not yet matured when he died. One did, late last year.

My No. 2 brother, who was/is Dad’s estate executor, thought it would be a good idea to send this money to charity.

OK so far.

To India. OK indeed. A developing nation.

To an orphanage and school. Sure.

A Lutheran one, from the denomination in which we all grew up.

Well, yes, dad had supported it himself for years, but.. he’s dead.

Find a secular Indian orphanage.

But, I think my sister is the only one of the four siblings who really “accepts” my antitheism. And, I didn’t want to make waves. The story of my life, oftentimes.

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