Thursday, April 23, 2009

'Village idiot atheism' rears its head

Or at least seems to, at P.Z. Myers' Pharyngula blog.

"Holbach" is an artistic philistine who dismisses the artistic value of anything created for religious reasons.

"Eddie," though I'm not sure he's an atheist, appears to have some sort of academic-PC-"liberalism" viewing religion as "oppression," perhaps aided by either a tinfoil hat or a brain fried on drugs at some point.

Neither of them is that logical in reasoning and both make hugely empirically unjustified assumptions to boot. All while not reading all the comments of people responding to them, i.e., mine.

More on "Holbach." He assumes that, because I mentioned having a divinity degree, I'm a theist. He never asked whether he wasn't making an unwarranted assumption. He's apparently never heard of people not using professional degrees, or within ministers-turned-atheists, the likes of a John Loftus writing a book about it.

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