Friday, March 14, 2008

Jesus was black, eh, Rev. Wright?

Rev. Jeremiah Wright, I’m sure that finding is earthshaking news to legions of New Testament scholars from around the world.

Beyond the other racial stuff from Barack Obama’s pastor, what I most loathe is the pseudoscientific “black Jesus” crap from Wright. And that’s what it is.

And, Republicans who want to drive a wedge between Obama and Jewish voters have new ammunition to fire.

Jesus was not Caucasian, contrary to 19th-century paintings and what is likely still a fair-sized swath of white Christian belief today, and he likely was pretty swarthy, but he wasn’t from sub-Saharan Africa, either, Rev. Wright.

Pseudoscience, conspiracy theories and the like are a sure political turn-off for me.

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Anonymous said...

"Audacity to Hope" delivered by Jeremiah Wright