Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Moonbeams for a nutbar

Richard and Monica Chapin have built the first device designed to collect and concentrate moonlight. Why?

They claim moonlight could have yet-unknown medical, agricultural and industrial applications.

Yeah, right. Like, can I get a razor blade held at the center of the focused moonbeam to sharpen itself overnight?

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Lauren said...

I’m not sure if this thing works or not, but I do know that strange things happen. I was looking at their website and I am curious about the testimonials. Did you see where people are traveling from all over the world to experience the concentrated moonlight? And I checked out the crystals on their website that are being exposed to intense moonlight….I bought some and can’t wait to get them in the mail. I may not believe this….but hey, I’m not taking any chances. Hey, don’t play with razor blades! www.starlightuses.com.