Thursday, March 22, 2007

I want a lover …

I want the love of a true lover.

I want the love that, when I look in her eyes, I feel like I’m swimming 10 miles deep.

I want the love that, when I hear her voice with just the right tone, I feel like I’m going 20 miles deep.

I want the love that, when I touch her skin and run my hands through her hair, I feel like I’m diving to the center of the earth.

I want the love that, when we talk, before during or after all that, we have shared hearts, minds and spirits so much that I feel I’m swimming back up to the far side.

I’m asking.

I want to make myself available.

I am making myself available.

I am available.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

It was/wasn’t “meant to happen” — I think not

A few weeks back, I posted about how karma might be worse than Christian fundamentalism.

On the same axis, but “neurotic” to karma’s “psychotic,” would be the New Age idea that things are/aren’t “meant to happen.”

Meant by whom? And, unchangeable by us?

Now, I firmly believe I can be an atheist of some sort and still appreciate life’s mystery, dynamism, ebbs and flows of time and more. But I don’t have to believe in something like this, which is almost as cruel as karma, but as the death of a thousand New Age cuts.

Call it “karma light,” perhaps.

Friday, March 09, 2007

A birthday poem for “Pharyngula,” aka P.Z. Myers

A Pharyngula, like an amygdala,
Can be emotionally powerful,
Generating fear
In illogical creationists.

His mind is still evolving
(And, yes, it’s real!)
At the ripe young age of 50,
His questing, unlike his work study
Is not a fossil.

So if you value reason,
The penetrating mind of science,
And know the human mind
Can be special
Without a primum mobile,

Then go to his blog,
Read his posts,
And give him the kudo
That is his definite due.

A nice birthday e-mail
That says:
“Pharyngula, I dig ya.”

Happy 50 and many more in the “crusade” against illogic and illiberality, P.Z.
Oops, did I say “crusade”? Forgive the W talk.

Steve Snyder aka Socratic Gadfly