Friday, September 05, 2014

A Mahler 6 I LIKE!

 It is HARD to find a good Mahler Sixth; most conductors play the first movement too slow. Abramavel arguably plays the first theme lines too fast and doesn't let it breathe. Boulez isn't bad, but he can be hit and miss. Well,  just found this. So far, it sounds good. Good "breath," good phrasing and more.

Beyond that, it's well miked and well recorded overall. There's good sound separation here.

I'm going to have to look for other stuff by Ivan Fischer.

This New Yorker profile is a great look at his musical idea-making and more.

Here's another great sample — just one movement, but the third movement, the "Frere Jacques," of the First Symphony. It's got so much suppleness, yet dynamism:

I'm ready to pitch all of my Boulez and assorted other Mahler conductors.

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