Saturday, January 07, 2006

This could explain bar pick-ups

Duke University Medical Center researchers have found that alcohol has less of an effect on rats during estrus.

The research shows that alcohol has less neurotransmitter effect on female rats in estrus.
When tipsy females were at their most nimble, during their pre- and postestrous states, the ethanol had 10% less impact on neurotransmitter activity than it did on the drunken males' neurotransmitters. These results suggest that the gender gap in alcohol behavior may have to do with how hormones play into both gender-related and estrous cycle-related changes in central nervous system excitability, the team reports this month in Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research.

Given that we know human females generally have a higher sexual drive during their cycles, the fact that they are less affected by alcohol could have several implications.

    Wide-eyed women can be more choosy at the bar as drunken males slobber on them.
    Women can remain in control of sexual situations during their period.
    Women should be careful of their drinking levels when they are not in their period.
    Speculatively, would bisexual women be more straight or more lesbian in their tendencies during their period, seeing other relatively sober women?

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